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Affiliate Series



WCRA will again be offering an NRHA Affiliate Circuit Series for our membership.  The shows (approval pending) to be included in this series are:
Peninsula "Rockslide" May 5-6, 2007
Williams Lake "Wish 'em Well"  May 18-20, 2007
WCRA "West Coast Classic" July 19-22, 2007
Sun Reiners "Reinin' In the Sun"  August 3-5, 2007
WCRA members who have declared "Western Canadian Reining Association" as their affiliate will automatically collect points at these four shows.  The top 10 horse & rider combinations plus ties from each class offered in a circuit qualify for the regional affiliate finals.
The top 4 horse & rider combinations plus ties from each of the affiliate finals will advance to the North American Affiliate Championships in Oklahoma City.
The top 4 Rookie horse & rider combinations plus ties from each of the regional Affiliate Finals are eligible to compete for the Rookie of the Year title and trophy at the NAAC in Oklahoma City.
To qualify to represent WCRA the riders must compete in the WCRA-NRHA Affiliate Series shows. 
For full details please see the "2007 Adequan North American Affiliate Championships NRHA Affiliate Circuit Series (for NRHA Affiliates in Canada) program outline.

2007 NRHA Affiliate Designation click here


2007 NRHA Affiliate Circuit Series


2007 Rookie Of The Year Program


2007 NRHA Affiliate Designation Form


2006 North American Affiliate Point Standings


2006 WCRA/NRHA Affiliate Series Awards Photos


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