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2007 President's Message

Welcome to the Western Canadian Reining association's new web site. This organization is your information and access to everything about reining in B.C. The W.C.R.A. is formed of a board of directors elected every year at the annual general meeting and has a mandate to carry out the direction given it by the members at that meeting. There are directors at large from the different areas of the province who make sure that all areas and geographical concerns are addressed.


W.C.R.A. has a seat on the Horse Council of B.C. and is recognized as the voice of the entire reining community in B.C. We are also affiliated with the N.H.R.A. and Reining Canada and offer sanctioned classes at our premier reining event "WEST COAST CLASSIC" and at most of our chapter shows. Youth are particularly encouraged to participate at our shows, as are beginning or Green As Grass riders. Everyone is welcome and supported by the W.C.R.A. members and encouraged to become involved.


W.C.R.A. has Chapters and Affiliates that are located throughout the province and these groups of dedicated people host schooling shows, training clinics, socials and generally one signature High Point show each year. The High Point series is run at each show and competitors and their horses compete for year-end awards by accumulating points earned at the various shows. A High Point fee is collected on every run at these shows and is returned to the champions and reserve champions in each of the fourteen classes. The year-end awards take place after the A.G.M. each year and is the grand finale to the reining season.


W.C.R.A. also runs a Working Cow Horse buckle series. Each show in the High Point series has the option of holding a Working Cow Horse event in conjunction with the reining classes. This popular series adds a third dimension by including an unpredictable cow to the horse rider combination. Dry work is completed first and is in many ways similar to the reining manoeuvres where the judge scores on finesse and control. A cow is then randomly selected and the horse and rider must show the judge that they can control the cow on the end (boxing) and down the fence. This can be spectacular as anything can happen.


I thank you for taking the time to view our web site and should you want any further information about the sport of reining or working cow horse or would like to become involved, please don't hesitate to contact any of the listed people and we will all do our best to answer your request.


Spin A Blur and Slide a Mile

Bob Hall




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